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What is Branded Music?

Branded music is a unique sound that helps people experience the feeling of a story or brand and remember it.

Consider Jaws, Pink Panther, Rocky or the James Bond and Star Wars movies. They’re unimaginable without their soundtracks. Filmmakers understand how to use music to arouse particular emotions and keep audiences in their seats. They know how to tell a story. Strip out music and sound, and most movies would fall flat.

We’re helping agencies and brands recover the lost art of building strong brands and telling brand stories by making high-quality, original branded music affordable

Other music houses score marketing tactics. We score campaigns and brands to reveal emotion and character. For your next brand initiative or ad campaign, call us and you’ll see the difference.

No one has ever lined up to
buy tickets to a brand position

The right music can change your brand for the better

Your logo. Your colors. Your advertising. Your tagline. These are all important to your brand. But let’s be honest. No one has ever hummed to a logo or danced to a mission statement.

More than words or images—more than film—music registers with our emotions. It can make us cry. It can make us forget ourselves and dance. Music aids and intensifies memories. And being memorable is ultimately what branding is about.

Like other professional studios we have composers and musicians on staff. But unlike any others we also have brand and advertising experts. The result of their collaboration isn’t just a different approach to finding your distinctive sound. It’s something entirely new: branded music.

Call us now to start moving your audiences in a way that no logo, color or piece of stock music can.

What We Do

We Create
Music That
Tells a Story

The music we create reveals the sound and character of your brand. We call it branded music.

Rather than invent your sound, we find it. Because our team is made up of both brand and advertising experts and musicians and composers. Together they compose music that’s better than stock—and better than other custom music. They work with a variety of genres to produce branded music for many applications.

  • TV and radio spots
  • Films
  • Video
  • Podcasts
  • Custom music for lobbies, trade shows and presentations
  • Sound design, including for websites, digital, mobile and social media
  • Mnemonics and distinctive audio signatures

Make your brand something to remember—that will make people tap their feet and drum their desks. Connect with us to find your branded music.

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